Why I Stopped Comparing My Health Journey

comparing memories and words

This past week, I found myself comparing my journey to health with someone else’s. I was ranting to a friend about how that person was losing weight pretty quickly, and how jealous I was of that person. 

But then I realized something. I had no reason to be jealous. 

Our stories are not the same.

Our health is not the same. 

Our struggles are not the same. 

Our wins will not be the same.

It isn’t fair for me to compare our journeys. I don’t know why that person is losing weight, but I understand why I am. I want to be healthy, physically, and mentally. I should take pride in what I have gained in my weight loss journey as I have a lot to be happy about.

I am watching what I eat and eating much healthier. 

I am lifting heavy-weights, something I couldn’t do when I started going to the gym.

I am seeing a decrease in time for my mile run.

My arms and legs are started to get some definition. 

I feel stronger.

It is essential to look at our wins and appreciate the value. Without appreciation, how will we stay motivated? How will you believe in yourself? We won’t. Our journey will end sooner than we expected if we compare ourselves, and that is unfair. We should focus on our own path so that we can reach our destination at our own pace.

I have decided to be more self-aware about comparing my journey with others. By bringing these thoughts of comparison, I will be more on the lookout to make sure they get stopped. A few other ways to help me stop include:

  • Focus On My Wins: I am getting stronger, not weaker. 
  • No Journey is Perfect: I just need to keep going to my destination.
  • Not A Competition: Losing weight is not a competition (unless you want it to be). 
  • Focus on My Own Journey: I have ways to go, but I can only succeed if I focus.
  • Be Happy: I should be happy with my own results and the path I am taking. 

Most importantly, I need to remind myself that I am doing this for myself. If I compare myself, I am letting others dictate my path to health, and that’s now what I want. I am trying to be healthy for my own self.