How to Stay Motivated While Spring Cleaning

Photo is a bunch of cleaning supplies. Photo is for a blog post on how to stay motivated while spring cleaning by Memories & Words.

Photo is a bunch of cleaning supplies. Photo is for a blog post on how to stay motivated while spring cleaning by Memories & Words.

Y’all, I HATE to clean. No joke, my house lives in two states: sparkly clean or full-blown chaos. There is no in-between. But in March, I do go crazy to clean up, declutter, and re-organize my house. The reason? I am a huge believer in spring cleaning. And with spring coming up in a few days, I thought I would share a few tips on how I stay motivated while spring cleaning.

If you ask yourself why spring cleaning is such a big deal, let me say that there are so many perks. You will feel more confident about your house, and I have talked extensively about how emptying my closet has helped my mental health. Cleaning, decluttering, and re-organizing can be essential keys to maintaining your mental and physical wellbeing by providing a positive attitude and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life.

Obviously, it can be difficult to get up and want to clean if you are suffering from depression (or other mental illnesses). But I do hope that some of the following tips can help you stay motivated while spring cleaning.

Write Down Why You Want to Spring Clean

I know this sounds so silly, but trust me on this one. I hate cleaning, but writing down why I want to do spring cleaning is really motivational. And what is more motivational than giving yourself the motivation to get it done? If you’re blanked out on motivational ideas, here are a few:

  • Take less time to clean your house from now on.
  • You won’t be stressed cleaning when someone comes over.
  • You will know where everything is located and won’t make a mess trying to find something. (I do this ALL THE TIME.)
  • Your self-confidence will go up by showing you can keep your home clean.
  • You will be less stressed about the condition of your home.

Once you’re done writing down why you want to spring clean, make sure you hang it somewhere where you will often see it.

Make a Game Plan

You can’t start on a huge task like spring cleaning without a plan. Figure out what you want to clean out, what you want to declutter and what needs to be re-organized. Make a list of your main priorities, and work your way down. This will help you focus on the most important things and give you directions on your spring cleaning.

Also, creating a plan will help you get all the stuff you need ahead of time. Example: What if you need soap, sponges, or towels? Having these things ahead of time will prepare you for the task. By having everything you need, you will stay motivated while spring cleaning. 

Listen to Music or Podcasts

Put on your favorite playlist and have a dancing cleaning party. Honestly, I don’t know how people can clean in quiet. I might look silly dancing as I sweep outside, but whatever, it keeps me moving and having fun. Thanks, Pandora and Spotify, for keeping me motivated with my cleaning duties.

Don’t Burnout

Please take breaks. Use a timer or an alarm, but take a damn break. If you go straight through, you will get tired and not want to finish your tasks. Little breaks will not hurt your progress, but not giving yourself some time to rest will.

Be Honest with Yourself

I am the queen of keeping sentimental stuff, but you gotta throw it out. I know it’s hard, but be honest with yourself: when was the last time you wore your high school t-shirt? Or those jeans that don’t fit? Or those shoes you thought you could fix but haven’t? 

Keep the things that truly bring you joy, and get rid of the rest. You can recycle, donate, or even re-purpose a few things. Like old t-shirts can be made into blankets or dog toys. For me, seeing my closet get empty as I declutter brings a smile to my face. And it might do the same for you.

Use Ziplock Big Bags

The Ziplock bags are probably my best friend. I stuff my jackets, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts in one bag, which I then place in a box for winter. These bags are magic and work great with clothing, pillows, and even comforters! Not really motivational, but I love the way these bags keep my closet tidy.

Keep Things Clean and Organized

Simple: don’t make a mess where you just cleaned. Keep yourself and your cleaning accountable.

Treat Yo Self for Cleaning

If you need to bribe yourself to spring clean, I won’t judge. 

In fact, I sometimes do the same thing with more tedious tasks. Do you think I want to clean my freezer? LOL no. But I tell myself that if I am deep clean, I will take myself out for ice cream. Bribery won’t work everywhere, but it does work when it comes to motivating me to spring clean. And that is what matters to me anyway.

Find/Hire Help

If you need help, get some. Whether you ask friends or family to help you clean up the backyard or hire someone to clean up the parts you don’t care for, do it. There are even people who get paid to declutter and organize certain rooms. Do what is best for you, and remember you don’t have to do it alone.

Go Day by Day


Now that I have said that, we can focus on how you want to go day by day. You see, when I was an undergrad, I used to take a day to re-organize my walk-in closet, put my winter clothes away and organize my clothes my occasion. I don’t have that time anymore. 

I make a list of chores I need to get done each day and focus on those specific chores. Here is an example schedule:

  • Monday: Focus on my bedroom by changing the sheets, laundry, putting shoes away, sweeping, and dusting.
  • Tuesday: Focus on the kitchen by cleaning the dishwasher and stove, put dishes away, wipe counters and the sink, and put everything in its place. 

You can do little tasks day by day to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed with the idea of doing everything in one day. Make a schedule that works for you, but remember that you don’t need to stuff it with many tasks. Focus on the priorities and move other stuff for other days.

Make a Schedule to Help You Stay Clean

As I said in the previous tip, make a schedule that works best for you. And it doesn’t have to be the same thing over and over. Change the chores weekly or monthly as you see fit for your home. I also made my chore chart as a freebie if you are interested in downloading it. Nothing complicated, but something to help if you need to organize your tasks.

Note: If you need a bit of extra help, check out my spring cleaning printable workbook on my Etsy shop. I will be running a spring sale for this workbook. You have until March 23, 2021, to purchase using code SPRING2021SALE. I will also be running a birthday sale starting March 29, 2021, until April 5, 2021.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Originally Published: March 23, 2018
Updated: March 16, 2021