How I Workout With a Busy Schedule

How I Workout With a Busy Schedule

Working at a startup has its perks. I am able to take on projects that I find enjoyable and no day ever looks the same. Unfortunately, working at a startup means that my work-life balance can be out of wack. Since starting to work from home, I made it a priority to stick some sort of workout routine into my busy schedule.

I understand what the struggle is like trying to find time to workout, and if you do find the time, you lack the motivation. But I want to tell you that you can stick to a workout routine. 

Working out is not just about losing weight. Exercising can make you healthier, increase energy levels, help skin health, and de-stress. So allowing yourself to get in a workout at least three times a week can make a difference. 

I will say that I am not perfect. I don’t exercise every single day, but I try to get some form of exercise a few times a week. So keep scrolling for some helpful tips that I use to get some movement in my busy schedule. 

Wake Up Earlier

I wake up between 6:30 – 7 a.m. every day. During this time, I change into my exercise clothes and workout. Whether it is a quick 30-minute walk around the neighborhood, some yoga, or a YouTube video, I try to get something done before starting my day. And by working out in the morning, it is one less thing I have to do after a crazy workday. Because by the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is a workout. I just want to sit on the couch and close my eyes.

Have Everything Ready for Your Workout

Want to make life easier for yourself? Get your clothes and anything else you might need, in a spot where you’ll see it first thing in the morning. Seeing your workout stuff right when you wake up will motivate you to get your butt out of bed. And, you don’t waste time searching for socks, your running shoes, or whatever else you need. You will literally be ready to jump out of bed, change, and go straight into your workout. 

Add a Workout Reminder in Your Planner, Calendar, or To-Do List

I know what it is like to have a calendar filled with meetings, calls, and other tasks that need to get done that day. But I make sure to add reminders in my calendar, planner, and to-do list to workout. It feels SO GOOD to cross out a workout from your calendar/planner/to-do list because you already did it. Another thing you can do is block time out of your calendar for it. I have a co-worker that blocks out an hour a day to do yoga. Doing this allows your workout to be built into your busy schedule, and tells others that you cannot meet during that time.

Find a Shorter Workout

A workout routine does not need to be an hour long. You can find shorter workout routines that will make you sweat. All you need to do is find breaks in your busy schedule where you can do short workouts that are still effective. Spreading out short 10-15 workouts can be just as effective as a full 45-minute workout. Mobile apps are great to find quick workouts in one place, and even time your workouts to make sure you don’t go over time. You can also use YouTube to find short, butt-kicking workouts. I do recommend already be wearing workout clothes if you decide to spread out your workout in your busy schedule.

Use YouTube Videos or Apps

YouTube and mobile apps can be extremely helpful in finding quick workouts in one place. And with a variety of workouts available, you can find something that could be of interest to you. YouTube, for example, has workouts for body sculpting, yoga, or even dance! And with the ability to create playlists, you can organize them in a way that works best for you. If you need suggestions on some YouTube workouts, I made a post on some of my favorite workouts. A few of them are 10-20 minutes so it can be done during a quick break.

Walking Is Still a Workout

Walking has many benefits. It improves circulation, strengthens muscles, and supports your joints. And for that reason, walking is an appropriate way to get some exercise in. Since I wear my Fitbit practically all the time, I try to reach at least 10 thousand steps every single day. Walking is still a workout and 30 minutes a day can help.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

If you cannot fit a workout into your busy schedule, DO NOT be hard on yourself. Life happens. Take it easy on yourself and remember that you can just try again the next day. It is about taking care of yourself. Be flexible, get creative, and most importantly, make sure you are eating properly and staying hydrating.


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