How Corporate Life is Treating Me

corporate life memoriesandwords

I started 2019 with one goal: get a job before walking the stage.

Yeah, that did not happen.

As each month passed by, I was getting highly discouraged. The month of August was the worst. Why? When I graduated with my journalism degree, I had gotten a job offer that August. Here I was years later with a degree I really like with no offers.

To make matters worse, I did the final interview for two companies and was told I wasn’t their person in the same week. I found applying to jobs to be exhausting, and I found myself questioning whether anyone would take a risk on me.

I mean, I was a former journalist wanting to trade in her notebook for SQL and Tableau.

In mid-August, I forced myself to at least apply to a few jobs after my two denials. Then I got an email from my company’s HR wanting to talk to me. Throughout my interview progress, I never thought I would get the job. In fact, after my presentation, I cried on Josiah’s shoulder because I had messed up. I was stuttering and sped through the entire thing.

The joke was on me. HR wanting me to come in one last time to meet with our CEO.

And she was right.

On October 1st, I got an email getting a pre-verbal offer since HR wanted to explain things in the offer letter.

The First Few Weeks

Everyone keeps asking me how I am liking my job, and I absolutely love it. I have never been so excited to wake up in the morning. Parts of my job are a bit tedious, but I was hired to make changes. With my responsibilities came the imposter syndrome.

“Why did they hire me?”

Every day for a week, I kept asking myself that until a senior member of my team stopped me in the hallway.

“I saw the presentation from your interview! I received the recording while in bed sick and was asked, “what do you think?” I was SO IMPRESSED with your entire presentation!”

The fact that a senior member of the team complemented the presentation I thought I had bombed. Afterward, the CEO stopped by to ask me how I was doing. We made small talk, and he told me how the team and himself were excited to have me on board.

That is when I realized that they saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. I found the following quote on Pinterest and it has been motivational for the moments when imposter syndrome wants to make an appearance.

Going into my third week, I am happy. I enjoy cleaning and analyzing data. I enjoy finding stories and hoping to visualize them soon. And most importantly, I enjoy working with a fantastic team that is honest and open.

corporate life memoriesandwords