Christmas Sweater Guide: Top Picks For Various Budgets

Christmas Sweater Guide: Top Picks For Various Budgets

Red Ugly Christmas Sweater

Living in Austin can be rough. I always envied the girls on Pinterest and Instagram who could wear soft, fluffy sweaters in the snow. I could only wear sweaters on days that got below 60 degrees, which was a huge treat for me. Nothing makes me happier than being able to wear sweaters, leggings, and riding boots. Sure, I might look a little basic, but whatever. I love the look!

Not going to lie, when I moved to Austin in 2011, I didn’t really know what an ugly sweater was. I always thought it was something made up for TV so when I was invited to my first Ugly Christmas Sweater party, I fell in love. And since then I have started to collect some. I don’t have a huge collection since I have donated many since then, but I still have some of my favorites stored in the closet.

With Christmas and National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day around the corner, I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas sweaters. So don’t be a Grinch and check out these cute Christmas-themed sweaters.

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Sweaters Under $50

Christmas Sweaters under $100

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